Logto 2023 April update

April 30, 20232 min read
Logto 2023 April update

We've received valuable feedback from our community since launching Logto Cloud (Preview) and OSS General Availability. Thank you!

Over the past month, we've been focused on enhancing Logto's functionality, fixing bugs, and improving its security features. Additionally, we're working on developing a reasonable pricing model and finalizing the details. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Feature updates

Redis cache support

We’ve added support for Redis as a central cache for well-known data. This will allow for faster and more efficient data retrieval.

Logto Cloud is equipped with Redis.

New CLI command

We’ve added a new CLI command logto connector link to link local connectors without downloading from the remote.

Translation updates

We’ve added Italian (it) and Polish (pl-PL) translations to make Logto more accessible to users worldwide.

Console updates

The web console now supports creating users with multiple identifiers, such as email, phone number, and username.

Add user modal

On the user details page, you can now suspend or reactivate a user from the "more options" menu (accessible by clicking the three-dot button in the top right corner).

Suspend user on the more options dropdown

Two new Management APIs

  1. POST /users/:userId/password/verify will allow you to verify a user's password;
  2. GET /users/:userId/has-password will allow you to check if a user has a password.

Security update

We've applied various security headers to server responses, and while the violation is currently report-only, we'll enforce them in the next version.

In most cases, no action is required. Please see #3590 #3613 for details.

Bug fix

We've removed all deprecated values in the filter and fixed the filter functionality on the web console's Audit Logs tab.

Coming soon

Before officially launching Logto Cloud, we're hard at work on several features that ensure a seamless experience for your production:

  • An affordable and reasonable pricing model
  • Multi-tenancy support to isolate your dev and production environments
  • A production-ready built-in email connector operated by Logto

Other important features we're planning for this year include SSO, MFA, and Organizations. Stay tuned!