Logto product update: Organizations and free development tenants

November 22, 20232 min read
Logto product update: Organizations and free development tenants

We understand that building SaaS, especially multi-tenant products, is hard. In addition to individual users, your clients can also be teams, organizations, or entire companies.

Thus, we introduce organizations as a foundational element for your products.

Organizations (Multi-tenancy)

Organizations banner

The term "organization" is also used in other forms, such as "workspace", "team", "company", etc. In Logto, we use "organization" as the generic term to represent the concept of multi-tenancy.

From now, you can create multiple organizations in Logto, each of which can have its own users, while in the same identity pool.

Plus, we also introduce the concept of "organization template". It is a set of permissions and roles that applies to all organizations, while a user can have different roles in different organizations.

Organizations example

We believe this is extremely useful for SaaS products with collaboration features (we love collaboration!). For more information, see Understand how organizations work.

Development tenants

We heard you! To make it easier to get started with Logto Cloud, we've introduced a new tenant type: development tenant. It allows access to premium and paid features available in paid plans, free of charge and without requiring a subscription.

Development tenants banner

For existing users who use the "environment tag" feature, we will be phasing out these tags and moving to this more robust system for differentiating between tenants. To ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted functionality, all early-created tenants will be migrated to the Production tenant type along with your previous subscription.

Work in progress

Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) is coming soon! We are working hard to bring your app to the next level of enterprise readiness. Stay tuned!