Logto product updates (2024 June)

June 03, 20242 min read
Logto product updates (2024 June)

Our public roadmap has come back. Upvote the features you need and feel free to leave comments!

US region

The US region is now available in Logto Cloud. The option will show up when creating a new tenant. It cannot be changed after creation.

Create tenant


We are currently undergoing a SOC 2 Type I audit.

New webhook events

We are introducing a series of new webhook events triggered by data updates, mostly through the Management API, which are useful for various automation scenarios. These include user events, role events, organization events, etc. For the full list of events, please see Webhook events.

New webhook events

To improve clarity, the Console now displays the raw event key instead of the translated text for webhooks. For example, "Create new account" is now displayed as "PostRegister".

User default roles

You can now set default roles for users by visiting the role details page, clicking on the "General" tab, and then enabling the "Default role" switch. Once activated, all new users will automatically be assigned all the default roles upon account creation.

This enables you to configure Logto apps with resources and scopes associated with a default role, ensuring new users receive the necessary scopes right after registration.

Default role switch

All existing users will not be affected.


  • #5915 Added DingTalk web connector (credit @anyidea).
  • #5908 A pre-configured role with Management API access will be created when seeding the database.
  • #5955 Added sso_identities ID token claim to the userinfo endpoint response. It is an array of objects that stores the current user's SSO identities.
    • To request this claim, you can use the identities scope which is shared with social identities.
  • #5950 In OSS, show the current version number in the top right corner.
  • Improved error handling and deleted item display on Console.
  • Show global loading state on page redirects to prevent user interactions.
  • Updated documentation reference links.


  • #5925 GitHub connector: Fix a potential blocking error in when GET /users/emails responds 403
  • #5912 Fixed Microsoft EntraID OIDC SSO connector invalid authorization code response issue